Mancat Monday - I passed my EXAM!

Hello fellow man-cats and lady-cats,

I am very, very awesome because Sunday afternoon I PASSED MY EXAM! (The Delta Society Exam) I was very stressed out..but I did it. There was some mishaps. The important thing is, I am now on my way to being a real therapy cat with all the I.D.'s and badge and rights to go visitating!

Here is the run-down. I did VERY well when I gotted petted by many people. The evaluator wrote down "Figaro was uncertain at first but enjoyed the attention." That is exactly how I feeled. I was also fascinated by the volun-teer in the wheelchair, because I never seen one of them before. And I got a good grade for cleanliness. But there was another part where I had to sit still for 30 seconds in another ladies arms and not in Mom's. I do not like to sit still so long so I got very nervous. Then I had to do that part 3 times which is the maximum for how many times you can do each exercise. Overall I got graded a "1" (you can get either Not Acceptable, Not Ready, 1, or 2 - Not Acceptable and Not Ready are very, very bad, and 1 means I pass, and 2 means I pass with honors well I just passed not with any honors). I got "1" on both the Skills test and the Aptitude test. Also it was 90 degrees in that place and I was hot, hot hot! I also had to greet a person who had a doggie with him, this part scared me and I made one little hiss. Well, to get a pass you can only make up to 2 hisses in the 30 whole minutes so they let me pass. My hiss was very little and also I recovered quickly. The dog was a golden retriever and he liked me because he kept trying to get me to give me a lick and that scared me pretty bad. The next part was to "refuse a toy." Mom had to bring a toy and I had to show that I have self control not to chase it. Of course, we were clever and mom brought a toy which is Veronica's which I NEVER play with. It does not make noise or have catnips or anything, it is a mouse and it doesn't even look like one because it is GREEN! So, I did not chase that guy and I got a "2" on that part which is the best you can get. Of course I am a sneak just like my sister.

Now, what is the next part? I have to have a photo session with mom for a photo for the I.D. badges. Also, there is a lot of paperwork we need to sign to become a Pet Partners Team. And, the worst part...I have to go to the V-E-T for a fecal sample and a physical exam. Then in 3 weeks, I will get my badge and I can visitate!!!




  1. Parker said...

    ::Clap, clap, clap!!!:: I knew you could do it Figaro! You're gonna' make an awesome therapy kitty!  

  2. DEBRA said...

    Furry furry gud Fig we can't wait to hear about all your coming adventures...


  3. The Meezers said...

    concatulations Fig. you didded AWESOME!!!!  

  4. Artsy Catsy said...

    Bravo, Figaro! You did GOOD!


  5. Tybalt said...

    That is TOTALL AWESOME, Fig! You did GREAT! Just like I knew you would! WOOOHOO!!!! GO FIG!!!!!  

  6. Daisy said...

    Very huge congratulations are in order for you, Fig! I am so, so, so proud of you. How exciting that you get your very own photo ID and everything.  

  7. Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

    Yay! We knew you could do it Fig. How aciting, your own ID badge and effurything!  


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