Lots of Expectations

Hello Kitties,

Today I got a phone called from our friend and we are scheduled for a visit to a Third Nursing home on November 8 at 10:30 a of m's. I have lots of expectations that I will like it there, since I love my other 2 nursing homes. (Speaking of that my next Nursing Homes visit got moved to next Thursday instead of this Thursday because they had some conflicts).

Also, some other doggies wants to visit my Grief Group so my mommie is going to Coordinate everyone to visit and I will not get to go EVERY Monday, but of course I will still get to go lots of the times. I really like all my friends there, especially my friend who gave me the new middle name.

By the way, I am attachifying another picture of my Wondrous Toe Tufts. They have finally growed back after Daddy decided to trim them a few months ago (Mommie was Not Happy).

Also, some Relatives are visitating us this week and my Uncle R asked me if I am wearing a collar that is Burberry. Unfortunately since my job is only volunteering I do not have $100 to spend on a collar so it is Fake. But is looks lots like it, can you see in this picture?

Love and burberrys,


I did not win the contest :(

Hi kitties,

I am a little bit sad right now. I am happy so many nice kitties voted for me - but I did NOT win the Petsmart contest. Instead, Desmond won it. She was the kitten. If I thinked it was just about cuteness, I would have put a photo of ME as a kitten. Because I was one cute kitten.

I am happy for Desmond for winning the award, but I thinked I changed the world more than her. Here is Desmond's story:

"Zaina had just moved into her new home when she found a darling, stray kitten. She took to the kitten immediately and named her Desmond. Desmond's love has made Zaina realize the great importance of spaying and neutering pets thus reducing the number of feral cats and stray dogs on the streets. Desmond now enjoys a warm and loving permanent home in Arlington, Texas where her pet parent says "I think I was quite lucky to find and fall in love with her in the first place."

She changed the world by getting spayed? That is a little bit silly.
Well, I will keep my tail up. I am still a very good therapy kitty - although I will not get to be featured on Petsmart merchandise.

Some Funny News

Hello Kitties,

If I may say so myselfs, I am very very photogenic (do you see my toe-tufts?? They are shining in the sun). Here is the photos from my recent photo-shoot at Walgreens.

Now for the funny news. Mommie attended the meeting of our Therapy Club yesterday night and we are having Board elections for Next Year. We have only beened a part of that Club for since May, but Mommie got Nominated to be a Program Coordinator. The elections are going to be Next Month. For that job, she

has to e-mail lots of people about Therapy Animals and plan events and Coordinate people. She is not sure how hard it will be yet but I said Veronica and me can help her if she needs. I am very eggsited to have such an Important Mommie. (Although...she says nobody else wanted that Job..so she will get all the votes next Month)

Also, as the Program Coordinator Mommie is going to plan a reading program at the library that I can stroller to from our house. This will be nice since I am not so fond of the car!



Visiting Walgreens Photo Shoot

Hi Kitties,

Yesterday I visited Walgreens for the Pet Photo Shoot Day. Proceeds goes to Delta Society and Best Friends Animal Society.

I cannot say I enjoyed it much. On the web-site, the Walgreens they said was not having it, so we went to that walgreens , then another walgreens..you get the picture!

When we got there they had outdoors set up some hay and pumpkins. Mommie thought I would be brave enough to be in the picture all by myself but I was not. So the picture was with me on Mommie's lap. I will get it back today so I can post it tomorrow on the internets.

Love, Figaro


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