Some Funny News

Hello Kitties,

If I may say so myselfs, I am very very photogenic (do you see my toe-tufts?? They are shining in the sun). Here is the photos from my recent photo-shoot at Walgreens.

Now for the funny news. Mommie attended the meeting of our Therapy Club yesterday night and we are having Board elections for Next Year. We have only beened a part of that Club for since May, but Mommie got Nominated to be a Program Coordinator. The elections are going to be Next Month. For that job, she

has to e-mail lots of people about Therapy Animals and plan events and Coordinate people. She is not sure how hard it will be yet but I said Veronica and me can help her if she needs. I am very eggsited to have such an Important Mommie. (Although...she says nobody else wanted that she will get all the votes next Month)

Also, as the Program Coordinator Mommie is going to plan a reading program at the library that I can stroller to from our house. This will be nice since I am not so fond of the car!




  1. The Island Cats said...

    Fig, those are great pictures of you and your mom! We love your toe tufts!

    And we bet your mom will be a terrific program coordinator!

    Wally, Ernie & Zoey  

  2. Daisy said...

    Those photos are beautiful!  


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