Lots of Expectations

Hello Kitties,

Today I got a phone called from our friend and we are scheduled for a visit to a Third Nursing home on November 8 at 10:30 a of m's. I have lots of expectations that I will like it there, since I love my other 2 nursing homes. (Speaking of that my next Nursing Homes visit got moved to next Thursday instead of this Thursday because they had some conflicts).

Also, some other doggies wants to visit my Grief Group so my mommie is going to Coordinate everyone to visit and I will not get to go EVERY Monday, but of course I will still get to go lots of the times. I really like all my friends there, especially my friend who gave me the new middle name.

By the way, I am attachifying another picture of my Wondrous Toe Tufts. They have finally growed back after Daddy decided to trim them a few months ago (Mommie was Not Happy).

Also, some Relatives are visitating us this week and my Uncle R asked me if I am wearing a collar that is Burberry. Unfortunately since my job is only volunteering I do not have $100 to spend on a collar so it is Fake. But is looks lots like it, can you see in this picture?

Love and burberrys,



  1. Daisy said...

    I wish I had cool toe-tufts like that! I think a Burberry would be very appropriate for a Figaro Blueberry!  

  2. Vincent and Mike said...

    Hi Figaro! We like your toesy tufts. They are beautiful!  


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