Visiting my Nursing Home

Hello kitties,

This morning I came back to visit my nursing home. I really like it there. One thing I really like is THEY HAVE BIRDS right in the room that I visitate. Today I spent about 30 minutes visiting, 20 minutes sitting and watching the birds, and another 10 minutes visiting with a resident in her room, and then at the end Mommie signed me up to go visit again the day before Halloween and also next month in November. For the day before Halloween I am going to wear my Pooh sweater, which is 1/3 done right now. I think I will look very nice. Mommie is making it during while she watches this show on Sunday that she doesn't really like but that her friendses like. I do not watch this show because she leaves to go watch it somewhere. I prefer birdies.

A lot of the residents petted me. They said I am very sweet, a lot of them remembered me from last month. Also, they asked if I will be dressing up for Halloween. I am probably going to dress up, especially because everyone asked if I will. They also wanted to knowed if I will dress up for Christmas-time, but I do not have a costume yet. Since I am a part-Jewish kitty I was thinking about dressing up for Hannukah too!




  1. The Island Cats said...

    Hi Fig! We love hearing about your nursing home visits! That's cool that there's birdies there for you to watch!

    Wally, Ernie & Zoey  

  2. The Meezers said...

    lookit the fev-vers - you were furry good not to eat them.

    dressing up for the holidays would be fun!  

  3. whatloknows said...

    wow!birdies in the same room, how cool is that.


  4. Daisy said...

    I love hearing about your nursing home visits, too! What could be better than visiting those residents and seeing birds, too!? I'll bet you will look very good in your special Pooh sweater.  

  5. Parker said...

    I bet those residents look forward to your visits now! What you do is so wonderful. When you can make other creatures smile...well, Fig, you're a good kitty to do that!  

  6. Vincent and Mike said...

    Oh, we bet those people love seeing you Figaro. Pretty soon you will be their most favorite visitor.  

  7. Mickey said...

    Sounds like you had a good time !!!
    I bet the residents look forward to seeing you also! Halloween time should be fun:)
    Purrs Mickey  


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