My V-E-T Physical

For part of my registration, I had to go to the V-E-T to get my physical. It was not so bad, actually, because I did not need to get any shots. But Mom did have to bring a sample of my poo for a fe-cal test. I thought that part was embarrassing.

The V-E-T we have is very, very nice. He said I am a good kitty and he called me "my furry friend." I thinked it was nice. And then he checked all my parts, and said that mom takes "excellent care" of me. Of course she does since I am her bai-bee!! Then I had to take some medicines preventitive just in case I do not get any para-sites. That was okay too because it didn't taste so bad. I did not have to have any shots because I am not due for them until November. And he taked my pulse. It definitely was not as bad as expected. (Also, he did not say I is overweight, so THERE Veronica - no more making funs of my belly).

Now Mom is going to go put the stuff in the mails, and I will be waiting 2-3 weeks to receive my I.D.

Mancat Monday - I passed my EXAM!

Hello fellow man-cats and lady-cats,

I am very, very awesome because Sunday afternoon I PASSED MY EXAM! (The Delta Society Exam) I was very stressed out..but I did it. There was some mishaps. The important thing is, I am now on my way to being a real therapy cat with all the I.D.'s and badge and rights to go visitating!

Here is the run-down. I did VERY well when I gotted petted by many people. The evaluator wrote down "Figaro was uncertain at first but enjoyed the attention." That is exactly how I feeled. I was also fascinated by the volun-teer in the wheelchair, because I never seen one of them before. And I got a good grade for cleanliness. But there was another part where I had to sit still for 30 seconds in another ladies arms and not in Mom's. I do not like to sit still so long so I got very nervous. Then I had to do that part 3 times which is the maximum for how many times you can do each exercise. Overall I got graded a "1" (you can get either Not Acceptable, Not Ready, 1, or 2 - Not Acceptable and Not Ready are very, very bad, and 1 means I pass, and 2 means I pass with honors well I just passed not with any honors). I got "1" on both the Skills test and the Aptitude test. Also it was 90 degrees in that place and I was hot, hot hot! I also had to greet a person who had a doggie with him, this part scared me and I made one little hiss. Well, to get a pass you can only make up to 2 hisses in the 30 whole minutes so they let me pass. My hiss was very little and also I recovered quickly. The dog was a golden retriever and he liked me because he kept trying to get me to give me a lick and that scared me pretty bad. The next part was to "refuse a toy." Mom had to bring a toy and I had to show that I have self control not to chase it. Of course, we were clever and mom brought a toy which is Veronica's which I NEVER play with. It does not make noise or have catnips or anything, it is a mouse and it doesn't even look like one because it is GREEN! So, I did not chase that guy and I got a "2" on that part which is the best you can get. Of course I am a sneak just like my sister.

Now, what is the next part? I have to have a photo session with mom for a photo for the I.D. badges. Also, there is a lot of paperwork we need to sign to become a Pet Partners Team. And, the worst part...I have to go to the V-E-T for a fecal sample and a physical exam. Then in 3 weeks, I will get my badge and I can visitate!!!




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