Library Trip

Hi Kitties,
Today I went on an Important Library trip. This is at my library and a lot of childrens come to Read Fur Fun. I really liked it this time. The last month I went, the childrens saw the doggies first and THEN me, so I was smelling all those doggies and did not let myself get petted. Today though was very good because I was the First in the line to get Pettified. There were a lot of children who read me a book. I learned about many things, such as Bernstein Bears and Octapus and Dogs and Squirrelz. It was very useful for me. I also sat in my stroller but some of the time I sat on the same chair as the children and rubbed on them. I also purred a lot and showed off my high fives! My Uncle S. came also and took alot of good photos of me. I cannot wait to go back in December!
High Fives,


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