My New Tricks!

Hi Kitties,

I am not going on another Therapy Visit until Saturday (the TV people are coming with of course). But I wanted to write an update about all the new tricks I learned! Of course I already know high five, twirl, sit up, and come. But I also learned the double high five, and how to play patty cake with my mommy. I am pretty good at it, but a little bit slow. Recently I learned a brand new trick, how to play Fetch. I have an IKEA mouse and he is my favorite toy to play fetch with. Two of my favorite little human friends, D. and E. were at our house recently and they played fetch with me. They were very good fun. When D. and E. was over, Mommy was being busy and boring and working on some programming like always. But we had fun anyways. Here's me playing fetch.



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