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Hi Kitties,

As many of you know, I am a therapy kitty and I also believe in therapy for the Earth. Last month, I got a sample of "Clean + Green" Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner for Kitty. Just in time, because we just moved to a new place with white carpets and got a new fancy, fancy couch and parents were a bit afraid about pet messes. We are usually very clean kitties so we do not have many messes, and we can say that this guy cleaned my sister's hairball mess from our white carpet very nicely! Both paws up! Best of all it is all-natural, eco-friendly, and pet safe. We had problems before finding a spray can that is eco-friendly and does a good job like the harsh chemicals, and this does even better. :)

Now for the giveaway - the company (who is very very nice!) is letting me host a giveaway of one product from the Clean + Green collection for kitties - there is a carpet cleaner, litterbox cleaner, floor cleaner, and more. Because I am a Therapy Cat, I decided to do the rules like this:

1- comment on my post and tell one good therapy work (anything like helping your human get through a tough situation, or going to see other humans) you have done in your 9 lives and put your bloggy link or your email.
2- on June 1, I will pick a winner. I am sure all of you have done good therapy work so it will be tough!
3- I will tell Clean + Green your contact info and you will get your giveaway prize!

Good luck everyone :)




  1. Figaro the Therapy Cat said...

    P.S. - the cat in the photo on my bottle of cleaner looks just like my cousin Missy - who makes kitty messes EVERY DAY!  

  2. Cheysuli and gemini said...

    Umm... does ignoring my human until she gets over it and feeds me count? I guess I am not very therapeutic.  

  3. Figaro the Therapy Cat said...

    Do you also let your human pet you when your human is stressed?? :)  

  4. Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

    When mom finally sits down at night we help her release all da tensions of da day by laying on her, or by her, and letting her pet us and feed us our treats. It's a win-win, she gets to alax and we gets da treats. We also purr her to sleep effury night.  

  5. The Island Cats said...

    We help our mom de-stress by letting her pet us and cuddle with us. She says we are better than prozac!

    (We already won some Clean+Green and we also got to do a giveaway on our blog, so we don't need to be entered into your drawing; but we wanted to play along. We think the Clean+Green products are really good!!)  

  6. Angel and Kirby said...

    We don't know if it is therapy or not, but we just brought our Grandma's kitty, Mac, to live with us. He has already eaten more in one day than he did all last week  

  7. Jan's Funny Farm said...

    We like the Clean + Green products and we've tested them before so we hope someone who hasn't yet tried the product will get lucky. Have fun with your giveaway.  

  8. Jan's Funny Farm said...

    On the other hand, Jan can never have too much C+G on hand since there are so many of us.

    If Jan gets tired and discouraged, we gather around. Cyndi grooms her hair. Sam steps on her feet. Cotton massages her arm. We're just a big bundle of furry love to cheer her up.  

  9. The Creek Cats said...

    Well, our mom does TNR work and sometimes brings home kitties to foster until they find forever homes. We try to be very nice to the foster kitties because we know it must be hard on them not having a family of their own.  

  10. Charlemagne and Tamar said...

    When our momma is sad, I go and sleep with her. Not where she can totally cuddle me, but I hold her legs down in the bed and keep her warm and let her know that I'm there with her. She likes it and it helps her sleep and be less sad.


    I let Momma pick me up every day when she gets home from work and then I play with her to help her unwind from her day.


    (we both take care of Daddy, too!)  

  11. Karen Jo said...

    When my Mom cracked her ribs and had to stay in bed for a week, I stopped bugging her to get up and feed me before dawn and just stayed in bed with her, all curled up next to her until she was ready to get up to feed me. I also purred near her a lot and was careful not to get up on her.


  12. Millie said...

    When my Mancat's little sticky person had a very bad accident, I helped raise green papers to help pay for her human vet bill.

    When my Mom is all stressed out, I sit next to her and help the stress go away.  

  13. Rose and the Royals said...

    In 2008, QM was taken to an ER, misdiagnosed, and made to stay in hospital for a week! She was not allowed to sign out AMA (against medical advice) and a Social Worker had told her We were expected to be transported to the Kill Shelter before they would release her!
    Needless to say, when QM was finally released, she came home in tears, fully expecting us to be gone. She was met with an ungodly stench instead - it appeared someone volunteered to feed us while she was away, but did not take care of us by making sure it was cool enough, we had clean litter and common sense things, really.
    Once finding us safe, cleaning the flat and ridding it of the smell, she finally was able to tend to her own grooming, and went to bed. She was injured in her heart and soul, and was depressed for quite some time. We would not let her out of Our sight! HM Emily took her position at QM's foot on her bed, Marigold on or behind her knees and of course, being Prince and ManCat, I assumed my rightly position at Our beloved QM's pillow. For two weeks, until we sensed she felt a little "safer", we maintained our watch. We are a close family. We certainly did not do anything that Our QM wouldn't do - and hasn't done! - for any of us!

    Being a gregarious Texas ManCat, I like to mosey out of our flat and take a stroll down the hall, peeking in Our neighbor's flats to say "Howdy", and even enjoy a visit now and again. We have wonderful neighbors now. I don't mind if I make them laugh, heck! They make Me laugh!

    QM has been meaning to send for Clean + Green for some time. "Her Majesty" found it Her Duty to Anoint QM's sofa, and She's tried everything to, eh, "neutralize" the issue!
    We enjoy a good sport, so join in on this contest, being as you're so kind to Host it!

    Thanks for your time, and most importantly, Thanks for what you's a special blessing, being a Therapist!  


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