The Fig does Yogas - Easy like Sunday

Here is a picshur of me doing kitty yogas. This is called the backward facing kitty pose (I maded that up because I think downward facing dog is pretty much the most hilarious bean phrase ever for a pose). Yogas relaxes me before I go on my errands. Usually while I do this pose I am asleep. Or else deeply relaxified. Everyone should try it. It is most best by the fire because it is warm there and I don't pull any muscles. Today I am going to my grandma's house again for the Easter dinners.


  1. hello & mimmy said...

    fig you are a great yoga kitty. have fun at easter dinner. did you eat veronica's egg?


  2. Katie & Da Katz said...

    Hiyah Fig

    Ize sohs glad dat youz lernd ta be therapee kittee... what a goods occupayshun. peeple purrsons kin use some purrs at therapee tiyme.

    i dont thinks anee uv us in dis hows iz goods at wearin a harness...

    maybee Bootsee orz Dayzee... Ize ask meowmee bout tryin on dat fur dem...

    meez i lostdid my collar sohz I cant gohz outsides and it spring time!! meowmee says as soons az shez gotz monee frum huntin time din i gets nue collar. :-)

    Katie Ann Kitty Too.


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