This is Me in my Free Times

Hello kitties,

Here is a photo of me in my free times napping with Veronica. We like to nap on these nice chair cushions that mommie boughted from IKEA (for only $4.99 eaches!)

I have a lot of very big therapy cat news. First of all, my camp is coming up the weekend of the 19th of September. I do not have a time set up yet but I will definitely be going. Second of all, the day after tomorrow I will be visiting a NEW nursing home where I have not been before, and a few weeks from now I will be going back to my First nursing home.
Now for some bigger meows. I have been invited to the special "READ FUR FUN" program at the library. This program is special because many small children come and practice reading to puppies. As usual I will be the very very first kitty who will participate in this program. It is not in a long time though - there are two dates scheduled and I will definitely be there - November 15th and December 13th. I will be riding in my kitty stroller.

Things are looking way way up for my therapy visitings!




  1. The Meezers said...

    Fig, that's so 'aciting!!!!  

  2. Tybalt said...

    Oh Fig! That is so super exciting! I just got finished catching up on all of your therapy kitty doings, and you are doing great, just like I knew you would! It is kind of too bad that you won't be allowed to sleep over at the camp, but you'll probably like being home better anyway.


  3. Parker said...

    You rock Fig!  

  4. The Island Cats said...

    Fig, we are really proud of you. You are really making in roads for cats! We hope more cats will get involved therapy work!

    Wally, Ernie & Zoey  


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