My Second Nursing Home

This morning Mommie and I went to the Second Nursing home. But it was the first time that we were there. I really enjoyed it, and we scheduled me to go from now on in the first Thursday of every months in the evenings. I am excited about that.

We stayed for about 40 minutes. Here is what we did. First, we came and seen all the residents. This time not as many people came as to the First Nursing Home visit, but I see that they also did not announce me over any intercoms so this is probably why. But there were still a lot of people who came. First we went around the room and everyone petted me. Then we went around the room and anyone who wanted to gave me a Treat. I am sometimes a little bit eager about my Treats and I like to Nibble on mommie was worried about that and made sure she held my mouth so I didn't participate in any Nibbling. However, I gave one of the residents a Very Small Nibble. I am not allowed to do that. She did not mind, but Mommie said I needs to work on this and she was Quite Worried.

Also, there were some birdies in the room I was in. So I kept looking over because I wanted to put the Bitey on them. They were in a cage. All the residents thinked it was funny I kept eyeing the Birdies like I would put some Bitey.

Then, of course I did some of my tricks. I did High Five and Sit Up and everyone liked it. At home I am also practicing Twirl and Pick Up, and I also did 1 very silly Twirl. It was not a very good Twirl...mommie said I need more Practice. But the residents liked it anyways. They even did some Clapping!

After that, I went to visit one of the residents in her room because she could not come out to see me. I sitted on her lap and she petted me. I think she liked me a lot. Then I made a little Hiss becuase I don't really like to go out of my stroller when I go on visits, so mommie put me away.

And that was the end of my visit. I telled everyone I will be back in 1 Month.


  1. Daisy said...

    Good for you, Fig! I'll bet each week you go, more and more and more people will come out to see you!  

  2. The Island Cats said...

    Fig, we are really proud of you! It sounds like your visit went really well...'cept for the nibbling stuff and the hissing stuff (but that didn't sound too bad). The people must love you!

    Wally, Ernie & Zoey  

  3. The Meezers said...

    we think that you hadded a very good visit!!!!  

  4. Parker said...

    Fig, I think that was a very good first visit!
    I am very, very proud of you!  

  5. Mr. Echo said...

    I am so impresst with yoo and yur grate advenchures. Keep up the good work.  


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