Non-Therapy Adventures - Sometimes I am a Sneak!

I have been a Sneak lately. Because of how smart I am, I learned how to open the back screen door and go outside for little walks in the woods behind our house. I did that last weekend and then I gotted chased by both of the parents all around the woods! Finally when they catched me they bringed me in and I had to have a bath to get rid of poison ivy and burrs. Poison ivy is not bad for kitties but if we touches humans then we can pass it on.

This weekend I also was a Sneak - I Sneaked out while daddy was mowing the lawn. But then I got caught right when I was doing a Big Sneak across the back porch and I had to go back inside. Now I am in trouble if the parents see me trying to open the door, because it is Unsafe to go outside for such sweet Therapy Cats like me in the town. Also I am learning how to open the cabinets - but I only do that if I think parents are not looking - since I am not allowed on the countertop!


  1. Jan's Funny Farm said...

    Oh, you're a true kitty! We do like to sneak out, in, up, or even down whenever possible. Keeps life interesting.  


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