Grief Counselor Therapy Cat

Hello Kitties,

My volunteering career is really taking off. I think pretty soon I will have a Job at least every week. I am very happy about this.

I am scheduled for two more Nursing Homes visits in September, in different Nursing Homes. My First Visit went very great, so I cannot wait for more visits.

And just today I have been invited to attend a special camp and be a Grief Counselor for childrens who has lost a loved human. I am very sad for these childrens and I think I will be able to provide some comfort for them since they can pet me and hug me and I will Purr. This special camp is in the middle of September.

I will also probably get to participate in the Grief Center that opens in our town very soon, and this will be for adult humans.

- Figaro


  1. Daisy said...

    Figaro, I am very, very proud of you. You are an ambassador for all cats.  

  2. Finnegan & Buddy said...

    Miss Daisy is rite, Figgy. Some peoples think only woofies can do therapy, but you are proving to them that cats can do this impawtant work too. We are furry proud to know you.

    Could you email us yore snale male addy so we can send you a little present?

    Owr emale is

    Finny Buddy & Jasmine  


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