Nursing Home

Hi Kitties,

Today was my first day back at the Nursing Home for 2009. It was very relaxing. The place I visit in is very sunny so I laid in the sun for a while and listened to the residents' stories about their kitties. I like to do that. I got petted a lot and showed high fives and got treats! After that I went to my grandma's house and spent some time there while my mommie ate lunch. Then we came home and now my mommie says she has to work on a lot of Important Things. I am going to take a nappy to relax! Here is a photo of me in my new house getting ready to take a nappy. I can't post photos from the Nursing Home because at that nursing home photos are Not Allowed!




  1. Anonymous said...

    We're glad you enjoyed your first nursing home visit of '09. It's so nice that you bring so much joy to so many elderly friends.  

  2. Daisy said...

    I'll bet the people at the Nursing Home count the days until you arrive because they cannot wait to see you!  


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