Read, read, read your book

Hi Kitties,

Today I am humming "row row row your boat" with the words "read read read your book". I think it is very clever. I am sitting on the old HP laptop right now and staring out the window at some snow while mommie writes down what I want to say on the new MacBook. My sister and I both take turns sitting on the laptop, because it is the perfect size plus it has a snuggly cover on it. My sister is taking a nap on the bed instead, which is funny for her because she usually does not sleep in the mornings.

This Saturday I had an excellent visit to the library. As always we had a lot of little kiddos reading to me, which I enjoyed very much! Of course, I got a lot of treats and pettings. One of my favorite friends read me a book about Barney, and I also heard a lot about felines. I have also written my own book, which is just about me, with pictures, all about my life, from when I was born to pictures of everyone in my family, which some of the kids read to me too. Everyone likes that book, especially the part about my sister Veronica. You can see the book behind me, it has a beautiful antique silver cover. I am very fancy.

Tonight I am going to see my Nursing Home friends! I hope the snow stops, because I do not like to go outside much when it is snowing!



  1. Angel and Kirby said...

    WE know how you enjoy your library visits. We would like to read a book about you!

    Enjoy your Nursing homne visit. I hope you get to see your special friends!  

  2. Cheysuli and gemini said...

    I am so glad you had an enjoyable library visit!  


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