Reading at the Library

Hello Kitties,

This morning I went to read at the library. I had a very good time. Over 15 children came to the library to read to me and the other dogs! A lot of my friends were there, as well as new friends. I heard many stories. I usually get to hear stories about dogs, and I heard 2 of those. I also heard a story about a soccer coach. I also heard a story about what you can and can't do, for example, "can you ride a bed? no! can you ride a sled? yes!"
One of my new friends, E., read a story she wrote by herself! This was very exciting. It was about saving a dolphin. My other friend Z. read a story that her sister wrote about animals. I really liked those.
Now I am getting to the really good part. One of my very good friends brought a story that her aunt wrote. It was all about her and all the animals she is friends with. The best part is, two of the pages had photos of me! I am in a book! I was very excited. I would like more people to write stories about me.
I also handed out my bookmarks and everyone was very pleased.
Now I am just taking a short nap before I take a longer nap.
Love and purrs,
Figaro <3


  1. Angel and Kirby said...

    That is so cool! Enjoy your nap!  

  2. Cheyenne -Millie said...

    Hi! I just found your blog on moms bookmarks she didn't know it was there! That would be interesting being a therapy kitty!  


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