Dear Mommie, I'm Sorry.

Hi Kitties,

This morning I visited an Assisted Living center, for the first time. I have been making a lot of visits for this holiday season. I met a lot of nice people. One lady told me that she cannot pet me because then she will love me too much. But she told me that she already loves me a lot and that I am very beautiful and wonderful. I really liked her. Another lady petted me a lot and told me that her cat is also very soft like me. Then I met a nice man who told me all about how he used to live in Chicago during the Great Depression and babysit two babies for a Doctor. I really like to find out stories like that. He said the babies had a stroller that looked a lot like my stroller.

However, then I did a Bad Thing. When the lady petted me who has a cat at home, I smelled that cat and made a Big Hiss and scritched my Mommie's arm. I am very sorry about that. I usually am a very good kitty, but that is not good kitty behavior. Then we had to go because I was getting nervous.





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