Start of the Holiday Season!

Hi kitties,

How eggsiting! It is the start of the holiday season for me! Today I made my first visit of the holiday season to one of my Nursing Homes. I really enjoyed it. I see a lot of the same ladies every time and they really like to pet me. Today H. was there who has very bad vision so I had to be picked up and put close to her for her to pet me. She thinked I am very cuddly! I also got asked if I have any brothers and sisters who can stay in the Nursing Home forEVER. I said no of course that is not possible because it is difficult to care of me, since my litter box must be cleaned and I get into many shennanigans. :) I went around and around in my kitty stroller and showed some tricks. I got also a new trick, Mommie says "Raise your paw if you are a puppy!" and I raise my paw. It is a funny trick because I am NOT a puppy!!! :) I also gave out this holiday card to everyone. Do you see my red christmas shirt in the card? Mommie helped me make this card online. I am very happy here on my cat condo tree. Saturday I have 2 holiday visits, and another visit next week.



  1. The Island Cats said...

    Hi Fig! We think it's funny that you raise your paw when asked...and it sounds like all the people love you!

    We like your Christmas card too!  

  2. Daisy said...

    Figgie, that is a very cute holiday card you made! I'll bet all the people you visit wish you would stay with them forever.  

  3. Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

    Oh Figaro! You look darling in that card photo! I think everyone who got it must be so happy just to see it.

    I think you and your mommy are very special to those beans who need it. I'm sure the hard of seeing lady thought you were the softest thing she ever felt.

    Did you wear your outfit to visit?  

  4. Forty Paws said...

    What a cute card! Those people are so lucky to get to see you! And you met someone who was 106? Wowee!

    Luf, Us  


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