Holiday Reading

Hi Kitties,

I had a great time this afternoon at the library so I wanted to post about it right away! My mommie was busy and said that she has to work on her grant proposal for one half of a million dollars but I think this is much more important, so she took a break on writing and is helping me with my bloggy.

When we were driving to the library, we had some traffic with the basketball game so we were a little bit late. I do not understand basketball, I do not think it is very fun because there are no mouse toys to play with in basketball.

When we got to the library, all the spots on the first floor were taken, so we parked in the "Library Employees Only" spot! I think I am a little bit like a library employee because being a Therapy Cat is my job and I was doing my job at the library. The librarian who is named L. said that it is okay for us to park there. Whew!

A lot of children were waiting to see me when I got to the library! I got to hear a story right away. First I heard a nice story about a Baby's Christmas. I really liked it because I am a baby (kitty), and I like Christmas! Then, I heard a story about Strawberry Shortcake. That story had a pink kitty in it. Then, I heard a story about a pig and his pancake. I thought that story was very silly and funny! Then, I heard a story about Mittens who is a cat. In that story, Mittens the cat finds a good hiding spot. I liked it so I jumped out of my stroller and hid under it. Then, I heard about some scary dragons. That story was a little bit scary so I stayed in my hiding spot. The boy who read to me about the dragons told me that he celebrates Hannukah, which is great because I am also a part Jewish kitty. I told him Happy Hannukah. I also told Happy Christmas to some of the other children, and I handed out my cards with my happy holidays picture on them. On the back I also wrote my blog address so that the children would come to visit me. (I hope they do!)

After the reading, my friend C. came over and petted me some more. She also held me. She said I am a very nice cat. She is also a very nice girl, I liked getting petted.

Then we went home. Right now I can barely keep my eyes open because I have had such a long day! I am going to get nice and cuddly on my blanket, make some purrs, and take a nap.




  1. The Island Cats said...

    Hi Fig, you really had an exciting day! You got to hear lots of stories! That sound like fun!

    Get some rest've been a busy kitty!  

  2. Daisy said...

    Oh Figgie, that sounds like very excellent fun! I love reading about your special adventures.  

  3. Jen said...

    Cute! When I was at our library a couple of days ago I saw a sign for a thing they had where the kids could come read to a dog. This must be a new trend, or else I've just never heard of it, lol...  


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