Deep thinkings

This week I have been working hard on my goals. We went outside for a walk everyday and I am doing good on my leash training. Also at night Mamaw practices cuddling up with me really tight so I get used to lots of cuddle time without biting. It is working well except I still like to nibbles just a little, but then she gives me a pat on the nose and says "no."

Today is the day that I will be going to Petsmart to try out new things. I think I will also go to grandma's house and hang out there for a while while Mamaw works.

Here is a photo of me in my office wearing my polo shirt and having some deep thinkings about the next steps in my life goals. Of course I will be continuing my harness training. Maybe just maybe the Veronica will convince the parents to get us the stroller and then of course there will be more walkses. I hope that the doggie trainer gets back to us soon about stuffs, but if not we will work hard on our own and I can still get certified for my birthday in Julys. Of course lots of volunteer hours are required until thens but I will manages. Papaw told his families on the phone yesterdays about my trainings and they thinked I can visit them too but they live in Missouris! Maybe I will go theres someday but it is far and also some of thems are allergics to me!!!


  1. hello & mimmy said...

    fig, you look so serious in your photo. it is very funny to me but i have never met a mancat before. i can't wait to hear about your trip to petsmart. i don't think there will be any birds there until april. too bad, b/c they are so fun to watch. but there are a lot of people there and if you walk up to them, they will pet you and tell you how cute you are. not as fun as the birds, but definitely better than the dogs there!


    p.s. did u get veronica a present yet?  


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