Where are the Indiana Therapy Kitties and Cats?

Today we got a reply from the Love on a Leash (LOAL) foundation for pet-provided therapy. Their nearest chapter is 2 hours away from us, and they only have doggies in their program. But they forward our message to the dog trainer to see what he says. Of course I am a mancat and I will not give up my job training just because of a small setback. They said we can still be a therapy cat even without a chapter in our town. But maybe now we will see about being a therapy cat with SARA, The Service Animal Registry of America, because it is the cheaper and only have to renew your licence every 3 yearses instead of every years. That is the registry that Princess Sugar Pie is registered with and she is very successful. Now I am waiting to hear back from the doggie trainer at LOAL. Also today I plans to work on leash training some more. This weekend I will go with Mamaw to petsmart to pick up some litters and practice leash training there. I hope we get some toys too since I have been so good.


  1. hello & mimmy said...

    i'm so proud of you. i think you would make a wonderful therapy cat. good luck getting certified and try extra hard to be good on a leash and in the bean car. my mommy has a convertible but she won't put the top down when i'm in it. i think i would look so beautiful in it with the wind through my fur. she is no fun sometimes, just like that mimmy.



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