Hello everyone.

I am the Fig and I am finally the old of age enough to have my own bloggy. Also, recently (this week) we decided that I would be the cat of Therapy Cat or Therapy Kitty. This kind of therapy means I will go with my beans to visit other beans in places like nursing homes or hospitals or schools and be the smart and give good advices and help peoples relax and have a fun times. I am all about the fun times. I know I can be a therapy cat because I am very laid back and relaxed and I like new people.

Here are some things that I have already done to get started. I have been wearing my new harness all week a couple of hours a day to get used to it. You can see it in my picture. You can't see that it has a id tag attached that is a blue star. It is the awesome. I hoped to get a green harness though but there were not many choices. Maybe when I go to Petsmarts I can pick out something new. Today also I practiced with my leash but I did not like it much. Of course working is hard works so I do not think it is a good idea to give up yet. Also, I am getting clicker trained. So far I can "Go to Mat", "Target", and "Sit Pretty." I am learning to come when I am called. Usually this is funner than my leash because I like treats. I have also practiced visiting my grandma's house once per week on Sundays for dinner and I like it there cause they feed good foods.

Here are some things I am planning to do this week:

1. Get better used to my leash.
2. Visit the PetSmarts with my mamaw. That is the first shopping trip of my LIFES! I hope I get good stuff. It is recommended for me to learn to be in new environments by the owner of Princess Sugar Pie who is a therapy cat.
3. Wait to hear back about specific requirements in my state about the training
4. Get better used to the bean-car. It's a Prius which I like it because I am an environmentalistic kitty.
Probably I won't blog everyday because working kitties are very busy. But I will keep updated with all new progresses. Don't worry being a therapy cat I can still be a mancat.


  1. Veronica (M) said...

    Hello Fig. I wish you good lucks, first learn to stop peeing on the floors!!!
    Your sistar,

  2. jenny & hello said...

    hi fig,
    i like your blog too. but if you get a blog does that mean that mimmy has to get one too?

    momma and i went to petsmart today. there was dog obedience classes there so there were lots of big dogs EVERYWHERE. i was mad about that and still there are no birds, just empty cages. but i played in the cat trees and jumped from 1 to another. it was fun!

    mimmy got a new toy which is a carrot with feathers on top. mom also bought her some feliway so she feels better and might start eating. anyway, i should be in bed, but have fun at petsmart. and remember! if you are a good fig, then your mamaw will take you there again! it is fun b/c she bought me some dried salmon that is super yummy!

    your friend,

    p.s. i saw you in the bathroom on the webcam. you should stop trying to go potty in the bathtub! that is bad. oh, the floor is too!  


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