Some hopings

Mommie contacted the nice lady again who we shadowed with her doggie Cordial, and she said that we could prolly go to the Nursing Home on July 25 or 31. So I am keeping my toesies crossed that I will get to do it!!!

Also today I did some tooth brushings because Mommie said i had the bad of breaths. Now I have squeaky clean teeths for my visitations.

Here is my practicing the Yogas for relaxation.

- A little brighter, Fig.


  1. Tybalt said...

    Oh, Fig, I have my paws crossed that you get to do your therapy work soon!  

  2. The Furry Kids said...

    Oh, Fig! I hope you find a place to do your therapy soon. You've been working so hard!  

  3. Daisy said...

    Fig, I am glad you are bouncing back. I hope you get to go to the nursing home this month. You would be a ray of sunshine (and fresh breaths) for them!  


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