My Visiting Basket

Hi everyone,

Well, I still did not resolve my kitty stroller issue. For visiting, right now I might be going in a laundry basket or in this other basket. I think it will be okay. A lot of my therapy club has been very supportive of me and we are all contacting Delta to find out about the stroller ban. I hope the problem will be resolved very soon. But for now I am happy to go in a basket, if it means I get to see all my friends at the library and at the nursing home!
Love, Figaro


  1. Daisy said...

    Figaro, I am glad you came up with a temporary solution! And I hope one day soon you will be back visiting in your stroller.  

  2. Jan's Funny Farm said...

    We hope everything will be resolved soon. Meanwhile, you are very flexible.  

  3. Angel said...

    Your work is so important that We are purring that the stroller problem gets resolved. At least you have alternative transportation till then!  


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