My Stroller is Not Allowed!

Hi Kitties,

A few days ago I found out some bad news - my stroller is not approved by Delta Society for my therapy visits. One of our club members contacted Delta as a "favor" to us to find out about it (okay, if she did not contact it would stay our secret!). Delta does not think that strollers are safe for me. I really can't visit without my stroller - how are my friends going to be able to pet me, especially at the Nursing Home? But do not worry I will still be a therapy cat. My mommie contacted all the places I visit to ask if it is okay if I visit without Delta insurance. I will remain a therapy cat but I will not have the insurance in case I break something on my visit. We also contacted a therapy animal certification program, Love on a Leash, who is going to find out if their laws are as strict. I think the stroller is the best way to visit for a cat!

I will keep you updated!



  1. Angel said...

    I am sure the rule has a history, but you are providing a good service. If the places you go don't mind the stroller, and the residents love you, then go for it!  

  2. Daisy said...

    I wonder if they know how well-made and safe the stroller is? It seems like a bad rule! I wish they would change their minds about your stroller.  

  3. Jan's Funny Farm said...

    Well, that is dumb! If a stroller helps make your visits safer for you ... Never mind. Some rules are useless.

    We're glad you're not giving up!  

  4. PDX pride said...

    That's why I'm going through S.A.R.A. instead of Delta Society. But if your mom carries you or you ride in a basket or on a blanket, you can still go visiting. Just come in with your stroller and park it, then switch to the other.  

  5. thercattrainer said...

    Dear Figaro,

    Please take my advise and join the "Service Animal Registry of America". I have been Registered and Certified with them for quite a while now. They don't mind if you use a stroller or not, as long as you do things in a safe manner.
    I'm sorry that the Delta Society has become so strict. Better go finish taking my cat nap. Until next time. Ciao, Meow and bye Yeow.

    Love and Purrs,

    Princess Sugar Pie  

  6. thercattrainer said...
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  7. thercattrainer said...

    Dear Figaro,

    I forgot to mention that it was good talking to you again. I ride all the time in my stroller and I love it. In 2008,I rode in my stroller to the Mountain Brook Retirement Village when WVLT TV8's Alan Williams did the "Tennessee Traveler" Series feature about me. Also, the "Mountain Press" feature article about me commented about my riding in my stroller when I visited the "Smoky Mountain Children's Home" back in 2007. On occasion, I even ride into the CFA Cat Shows in my stroller. That is the easier way to travel for me and it helps my owner/trainer Jim out when he has to walk a long way. Do you remember the Therapy Cat, named Popsicle, that I told you about, a while back. He makes his rounds during his visits in a wheelchair because he is so big. His owner/trainer would not be able to carry him around at all without the wheelchair. I say,"keep on using your stroller Figaro"! I don't mind being a spokscat for the other Therapy Animal Societies, but SARA is my favorite one. SARA doesn't have as many hoops to jump through when you join them. Keep me posted ok. Meow to me sometime. I enjoy hearing from you Fig. I'm sorry that I elaborated on this, but that really peeves me about useless rules. Until next time, Ciao, Meow and Bye Yeow. Sending you my Love.

    Love and Purrs,

    Princess Sugar Pie & Jim  

  8. Charlemagne and Tamar said...

    We're sorry to hear that you're having to go without your stroller. It seems odd to us that they would have that kind of a rule.

    We hope that either they change the rule or you are able find another way to visit.

    Charlemagne and Tamar  


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