Speeding in my stroller

Hi friends,
Here is a photo of me from the Nursing Home visit a week ago. I had a great time visitng a few nursing homes, and then my mommie was out of town for a while visiting her friends. She drove a long, long way and got to meet a police officer because she went too fast. I never never go too fast in my kitty stroller. She also brought back 11 more fish for my aquarium! They are very cute. But one of them just died because it swam into the filter. I wanted to eat that one but I was Not Allowed.
Today we are going to be making some brochures for our therapy club. I am going to be helping with the stickers. I do not have many visits planned for a while so I have just been relaxing! I have been sitting on my kitty tree and watching outside. In 2 weeks we are moving to our new place!
Love, Figaro


  1. Daisy said...

    Well, even though speeding is a little bit Wrong, it can also be very fun. I am glad they do not give tickets to cats in strollers.  

  2. PDX pride said...

    From Tabby:
    I'm going to be visiting every other Friday starting this coming one, at an assisted-living facility. Mommy and I went there already once, just to get acquainted with the staff and the building, and the residents already were lining up to pet me and have me sit on their laps. *purrs*  

  3. Angel said...

    We hope your move goes well!  


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