Impromptu Visit

Hi Kitties! This evening I went on an impromptu visit. My friend L. was sick and she could not go to visit the Grief Center so I went in her place. I was in a room with a lot of toys, stuffed bears and some pretend plastic food (I tried some, not good!!). I got to meet a lot of nice children who told me all about their pets. It was also raining outside so I was a little bit grumpy and I accidentally put the bitey on one of the kids. After that we went home. My mom said if I were a girl she'd swear I was having the P-M-S. I sat on my Mom's lap after we got to the parking lot, before we went in, to relax a little.

Love, Figaro


  1. Angel said...

    Fig, that is a sweet picture on Mom's lap. Glad you enjoyed your visit! Rain makes us grompy too!  

  2. Daisy said...

    Figgie, I'm glad you got to fill in at the Grief Center. But giving the Bitey might have been a little mistake. I'm sure it was not a hard bitey though.  


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