A busy week ahead

Hi Kitties,

I have a very busy week ahead. I am visitng the Nursing Home, plus I am visiting the Library two time for a special kitty presentation. I am looking forward to it, and also, relaxing up for the week ahead! Here is me relaxing with the laundry. The laundry likes to relax for a long time in bed before it gets folded and put in the closet.

My mommy got a grant from an international foundation of economics to do an extension on her thesis research, with all positive referree reports! I am very happy about it. It means she is home less to play with us but we get a lot of catnip. For example, after mommie's bartending gig last week she used the earnings to buy us "pawbreakers", kitty treats made up entirely of catnip! They are coming in the mail soon.

Also, yesterday we had some visitors and my sister and I were showing off our tricks. We are still very, very good.



  1. Daisy said...

    Figgie, I think it's real fun for you to have a busy week doing good things for others!

    Our laundry likes to rest for a long time before it gets folded and put away, too.  

  2. Angel said...

    Fig, you will really enjoy your pawbreakers!! Looks like you have a busy week ahead. Did you get the stroller issue settled?  

  3. thercattrainer said...

    Dear Figaro,

    Good Morning and Hello Fig. You inquired me about the fees at SARA. The Therapy Certification is a "1 time fee of $40.00". The renewal fee is "$15.00 every 3 years". I will have to get my renewal in 2010. If you have any other questions just blog me. You can also reach SARA on Page 9 of my Website in the Links Section at the top. You looked very tired after your visit to the Library. Jim and I went to the Blooming Bluegrass and Barbeque Festival in Sevierville this past weekend which tired me out. When I arrived back home, I then took a good Cat Nap which I really needed. Well, I'd better go and Nap some more. Until next time. Ciao, Meow and Bye for Neow. I love you Figaro. Take care.

    Love and Purrs,

    Princess Sugar Pie  

  4. Poppy Q said...

    Fig you and your mom are working really hard.

    WE can't believe all the fuss about a stroller, the world has gone mad.

    Mum and Poppy Q  


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