Green is the summer

Hi Kitties,

Today was the reading program at the library! I had a great time and heard a book by Dr. Seuss. I also listened to a book about a dog, the boxcar children, the magic carpet, and the guiness book of world records. I did not get to bring my stroller today so I just sat in a chair. I did not like it so much because I do not do my tricks unless I am safe in my stroller, but for now until I get my new therapy licence registration it will be okay. I like to come to the reading program if I have a lot of treats to snack on while I listen to books!
It is getting more and more green this summer and soon we are going to be spending more time out of doors. Right now I am just taking a nap in bed with my older sister. We are listening to "The Weepies," it is our new favorite music right now.


  1. Angel said...

    We are sorry you cannot use your stroller. We know the kids enjoyed your visit!  

  2. Daisy said...

    I hope you will be back aboard your stroller soon!

    Happy Mother's Day to your mom!  

  3. Charlemagne and Tamar said...

    It sounds like you had a fun visit to the library (even if you couldn't use your stroller).

    We hope that the stroller issue is resolved soon.

    Charlemagne and Tamar  

  4. Jan's Funny Farm said...

    You have to get a new license to take your stroller? That's weird.  


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