Story Time

Hi Kitties,

I almost forgot to post today, about last night's visit to the Nursing Home, and this morning's visit to the Library for Story Time. I have been to that Nursing Home many times so of course I got to see all my favorite friends there. And also, some new people.

But this morning was my very first day for Story Time. It is not the same as the Reading program which is older children, this is smaller children who don't read yet. We listened to a story about a cat and had a 'show and tell' all about me. The children wanted to know what I eat and what I use my whiskers for. Then everyone petted me, of course. There were about 6 children at Story Time. My friend M. was there, who comes with her older sister to the reading program. I am going again later this week because the theme of Story Time this week is "cats." My sister Veronica got invited to go instead of me one of the days but she is too shy. I got to go in my Stroller because it was not a Delta-visit.



  1. Angel said...

    You do such good work visiting all of your older friends. We bet the little's at story time really enjoyed you too.  

  2. Charlemagne and Tamar said...

    We're sure that you really brighten up the days for your friends at the nursing home. Our momma's grandma was in one and people there get lonely.

    Story time sounds like it was fun and we're glad that the kids got to pet you.

    What a fun life you have!

    Charlemagne and Tamar  


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