Hi Kitties,

I usually get to hear about Pokemon stats when I go to my children's reading program. I think they are fun and some children wanted to know my stats. So I decided to tell you my own Poke-figaro stats. Here they are:
Name: Poke-figaro
Weight: 11lbs, 3 oz
Height: 2 feet 1 inch (when standing on my hind legs)
Secret weapons: deadly meow, magical scritch
Special skills: begging for food, playing fetch, giving high-fives
Weakness: leftover turkey with gravy (yummyy, see the picture of what I gotted to eat after a big party last week..)
Do you like it? I worked very hard on it while my mommy was on vacation this week-end.


  1. Daisy said...

    I'll bet the children in the reading program will LOVE hearing all about your Poke-figaro stats!  

  2. Angel said...

    Those are impressive stats. The kids will love them!  

  3. PDX pride said...

    That's really cool...you should add that to your cards to hand out!  


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