Thanks, everyone!

Hi Kitties,
Thanks everyone for watching my TV interview and posting your nice comments. I am a very loved kitty and I like to have so many friends!
Today I learned that I will probably be featured in the magazine at my mommie's university next Fall. Our director also see-d me on the news and really liked it. I think it will be fun.
Also, coming up this month is our first ever reading program at the new library. I am very excited about that, and my mommy was in charge of setting up the whole thing so she has been busy.
Also, my FRIEND from our club Caring Paws got featured in a news article. He is a dog named Shadow who got awarded "Companion Animal of the Year"!. You can read about him here. He is a good role model!



  1. Angel said...

    Caring Paws and companion animals are so good for the community! You do a good service!  

  2. Daisy said...

    Figaro, you are doing so well! I am glad you are becoming famous for all your good works.  

  3. Jan's Funny Farm said...

    What a good reason for your mom to be busy. You do good work.  

  4. Charlemagne and Tamar said...

    We love reading about your visits and all of the places that you go!

    Keep up the good work!

    Charlemagne and Tamar  

  5. brandi said...

    Way to go, Figaro!! You are an inspiration for all of us!!

    We love you.  


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