Another Nursing Home Visit and my Russian name

Hi Kitties,

I had another nursing home visit yesterday. My mommie almost FORGOT about it so good thing I made sure she checked her calendar! I had a great time as usual. A lot of people came out to pet me. One of my friends called me "Gretel" though. I think that is a girl name. But I still came to her because I got treats.
Also, I was thinking for a long time and I decided that I should have a Russian name since I am part Russian and I have been learning some Russian words. My mommie visited her friend N. who has Russian kitties and they have Russian names, so we think we should have some too. When my mommie was out of town, my grandma came to feed us and always said the Russian word "kushat" which means "eat." That's why "kushat" is my favorite Russian word. I decided my Russian name is going to be Vasilliy. I like that name because there is a poem in Russian about a cat named Vasilliy who gets to eat a lot of cream. This sounds like something I would like to do! My sister Veronica did not pick a Russian name yet but I think she might go by Vika for fun.
Here is another funny thing I did yesterday. I found a stash of moneys that my mommie uses for experiments on the desk and I decided to take it for myself. I did not get far because I got caught on my way to my cat basket. I was going to buy some fishes at the grocery store. There is some Canadian money in there too in case I escaped to Canada.


  1. The Island Cats said...

    Figaro (or should we say Vasilliy), you look like you are having fun on your nursing home visit. The people love you! And aren't you being silly trying to run off with that money! Too bad you didn't get far...  

  2. Charlemagne and Tamar said...

    It looks like you had a nice time on your nursing home visit. Maybe you could post a translation of the poem about Vasilliy - we'd like to read it.

    As for the money, how many bags of kitty treats do you think it would buy? smile

    Charlemagne and Tamar  

  3. PDX pride said...

    Vasilly sounds like a great Russian name for you! Mommy knew a couple boys named that in middle school, and they were cool. She went to middle school with a lot of Russians.

    That picture of you with the money is just great! You could buy a whole fish with that!  

  4. Angel said...

    I'll bet the people at the nursing home look forward to your visits! Have you been keeping this sister a secret? Sorry you did not get to buy fishes!  

  5. Daisy said...

    Figaro, thank goodness you remembered your visit, or some people would be very disappointed to miss seeing you! I think Vasilliy is a distinguished-sounding name for you.  

  6. Jan's Funny Farm said...

    You were a rich kitty for a moment there. Too bad you didn't get to buy your fish.  


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