A library visit and being famous

Hi Kitties,

Today's library visit went purr-fect! I spent the day looking out the window and waiting for it to be time to go! There were 6 pet teams (I was the only cat), and at least 40 people came to read to us! Mommie and the librarian talked afterword and he said it is a good turnout for the very first program like that at the library. We were very excited since we helped organize it. I got to hear a lot of stories. My new friend E. who was very small read me some books. She read to me at least 3 times. Then I got to hear some stories from some older girls, and they also told me all about Twilight which is a very interesting book. I know because my mommie was reading it to me last night until 2 in the AM! I mostly tried to sit on the book so she would pet me instead of reading. So I got a lot of pettings. And one of my mommie's co-workers was there with his daughter. She was only 8 but she was reading to me very, very fast. She will probably become a professor too someday because she was very smart. It is too bad that my friend I. did not come because he is also part Russian like me and I wanted to tell him all about my new Russian name..but I will have to wait until next month!
Also, the TV station came to watch me again. I am going to be on the TV tonight at 11 and it will be posted online so I will have it after that. You will get to see it tomorrow I promise!


  1. Angel said...

    a library visit! How wonderful. I'll bdt the children loved it ans you!  

  2. Daisy said...

    Figgie, I am so amazed and proud of all that you have accomplished already!  


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