Our new place

Hi Kitties,

We are almost all moved in our new place. There are a LOT of boxes right now for me to play in, and I like that. Also, the views are purr-fect. I can see all the cars and people moving around down below, which gives me a lot of entertainment. The granite counter-tops are perfect for relaxing on when Mommie is not looking. So far, I do not miss my visits, but I know I will soon, and as soon as we are all settled we will be ready to look for new visiting places! I just hope my mommie has time for visits.



  1. Jan's Funny Farm said...

    Glad you like your new place, Fig.  

  2. Angel and Kirby said...

    We can't wait for pictures of you in the new place. We hope Mom has time for visiting. too!  

  3. PDX pride said...

    So glad that you are starting to settle into your new home! We're sure that you will find some places to go visiting soon as well, and then it will really start to feel like home once you get a routine.  

  4. Marg said...

    It sounds like you are going to like your new place. This is our first visit here, and we really like your blog.I am going to write you an email because our Mom has gotten very interested in the Therapy cats simply because she feels like they don't get enough recognition and she just thinks that more people should know about it. We are doing a post later today about Tabby and would like to do one you you if you would let us.  


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