Nursing Home

Hi Kitties,

This week I went to my last Nursing Home visit in my town and I was feeling very sad and happy at the same time. Have you felt like that before?

I was happy to see everyone again, and V. at the Nursing Home told everyone that I am a Very Good Cat who brought a lot of smiles to everyone. Then I went around and got petted. I was extra good because of the nice weather outside so I was purring and purring and let everyone pet me twice! I felt very happy. But then, one of my best friends who I talk about all the time, R.A., did not remember me anymore. I think she was not feeling very well and she had to leave early. This was the second time that she did not remember me. I am sad since she is one of my favorite friends, and I hope she is feeling better today. It is one of the most sad things at the Nursing Home when my friends are not feeling well, but I hope they still get some happies when they see me. My friend E. was there too who can't see or hear very well, and I have to be held up for her to pet me, and she was happy to pet me I think.

The boxes are all packed and we are just waiting for our Dr. Mommie to get back with the moving truck!



  1. Cheysuli and gemini said...

    It is sad to have to see friends like that and to have to say good bye. Soon you will have new adventures.  

  2. Tybalt said...

    Oh Fig, you do such wonderful work. Purrs to you and your mommie. I am sorry I haven't been able to keep up with you and your adventures as much as I would like to. Maybe I can convince mommy to help me out with that more!  

  3. Jan's Funny Farm said...

    We're glad you go to see your friends, even though sometimes there is sadness.
    Have a safe move!  

  4. Angel and Kirby said...

    It is heart breaking when people start forgetting friends and family. We know your friends will miss your visits.  

  5. Charlemagne and Tamar said...

    Figgie, while R.A. may not be able to remember you, she's had lots of happiness from your visits. It is hard to leave friends when you move and we hope that you will get to go back and visit them from time to time.

    Maybe you could send your special friends postcards so that they know what you're doing at your new place?

    Have a nice weekend and we hope the move goes well!

    Charlemagne and Tamar  

  6. brandi said...

    I am sad for you. Moving is sad work. I still miss my Mr. Squirrel from where I lived before. And I will never forget my woofie friend Lizzie--she just moved away. But you get to go back and visit your friends, and that is a good thing. And just think of all the new friends you will make!  


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