A sad parakeet tale

Hello kitties!

I do not think I ever told you, that we have two small parakeets at our house named Romeo and Dasha. (We used to have Romeo and Juliet, only we discovered that Juliet was a boy so then she got her name changed to Jiles, but then Jiles died suddenly a few years ago so we got Dasha for Romeo to be friends with. Dasha is still a little chick, only 3 years old.) The parakeets mother is out of town this week so we are taking care of them. But we accidentally left the parakeets outside in their cage overnight on Sunday, and our parakeet Dasha got very nervous and she got bitten by someone through the cage! She is not doing very well right now, because she has an open fracture on her wing and it is very serious. My mommie took her to the parakeet hospital and she is getting her wing amputated today. The doctor said that she will probably be okay but we are worrying all day about her. She will be back from her hospital stay on Friday.


  1. Angel and Kirby said...

    Fig, we are so sorry about Dasha! We hope she is ok! we will send purrs for her.  

  2. Jan's Funny Farm said...

    We're sorry about Dasha. That sounds serious. We hope the parakeet will be okay.

    We're confused. Are they your parakeets or someone else's?  


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