A ferocious Bag Monster - Therapy for the Earth

Hi Kitties,

Today I am going to focus on another topic. Therapy for the earth. I think everyone should try very hard to reduce their use of plastic bags, because if you don't, there will be scarey Bag Monsters! Here is what I am talking about. Yesterday we had a visit from a Bag Monster and I did not like it. The Bag Monster is made of 500 plastic bags, which is the average the American uses in one year. It is very bad for the earth. I am a therapy cat and I give earth therapy too - so I am telling you not to use plastic bags anymore! Instead you should use re-usable bags at the grocery store. Do you use reusable bags? I hope so. If not, I think you should.
Now for the funny part. That Bag Monster was really my mommie! That is so funny. She gave a presentation at the City Council meeting yesterday because she is working on an ordinance to remove plastic bag use. The mayor thought it was hi-larious and she is meeting the city councilman to discuss the legislation plans. She is going to be on TV next week to explain about reducing plastic waste. I will probably watch it, even though it is going to be at 6 in the AM. But I am a kitty so I am awake then. Of course my mommie is not as famous as me yet since this is just her first time on TV without me.


  1. PDX pride said...

    That is AWESOME!!!!!!! Plastic bags are definitely harmful for the earth, even the 'biodegradable' ones. They're also harmful for us kitties if we bite them or get caught in them. Also for wildlife. Great post!  

  2. Angel said...

    All famous people started with just one time on TV~ We agree that we need to use less plastic!  

  3. Daisy said...

    Good message, Figaro. I do not want the earth to be covered in Bag Monsters!  

  4. jeff said...

    Including plastic pet waste bags, even ones that claim to be biodegradable. I recommend FlushEze 100% flushable waste bags. They are not made from plastic and can be immediately flushed in any toilet without clogging pipes. They are also safe for septic systems.  

  5. Jen said...

    lol Anya, that is great!!  


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