The TV and "Bring your Kitty to Work" day

Hello kitties,

Yesterday afternoon the TV people followed me to the nursing home and took my interview and videos of me for 1 hour. I liked it and I gave a lot of high fives and even my new trick, a double-high-five! I am very pleased with myself. It was sort of like my very own reality show. Like The Bachelor, only without any hot tub scenes. There is going to be another interview in a few weeks and then the whole segment will air on TV. Because the TV was there I had almost double the number of visitors today! I was very happy and everyone petted me a lot.
After that my mommy had a Very Important meeting because she got grant moneys for a project plus 2 new projects! Here comes the fun part. I gotted to go to work with my mommy because she had no time to drop me. I stayed in her office for while she had some meetings and did important things. I was a very good kitty except I did not wanted her to work so I sat on her desk and meowed at her. You can see her office has a one way mirror for important experiments. I did not get to use it though.



  1. Daisy said...

    Wowie! Figaro, you sure get to do loads of very fun and important stuff. I am proud to know you!

    It's awesome that you got to do your High Five this time!  

  2. Tuck said...

    You must be famous!! And then to go to work with your are one lucky kitty!  

  3. The Island Cats said...

    Wow, musta been fun going to work with your mom...we wanna go with our mom but she never takes us...we can't wait for the tv interview!  

  4. PDX pride said...

    That's so great, Figaro! I'm glad you felt comfortable with so many tv cameras around this time! That picture's so cute of you meowing at your mom. Keep up the good work; the world needs us therapy cats! (Tabby is one too)  


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