Meowing some Goodbyes

Hi Kitties,
Yesterday was probably my last visit at my Nursing Home. I was very sad, and everyone else was sad too that I had to say goodbye because we are moving soon. If I become a very good car-cat, I will be able to come visit sometimes from my new house, but Mommie says it might not work out with everyone's schedules and the Nursing Home is busy with many visitors. I have really enjoyed doing my visits and meeting all my friends. Most of my friends were there to see me yesterday...and I have now been visiting there every month for almost 2 years. My friends have seen me through 2 Christmas holidays, gotten 2 Valentine's from me, and seen me in 2 of my Halloween costumes. They have also celebrated my birthday with me! I really hope I will get to come back again, but if I don't, I hope that the rest of our team in my therapy group will fill in for me.


  1. Cheysuli and gemini said...

    I think that is hard to say good bye to all your friends because of the move. I think you will make more friends--even if they aren't in nursing homes where you will live now.  

  2. Angel and Kirby said...

    Goodbyes are always hard. WE know your friends will miss you as much as you miss them!  

  3. Daisy said...

    It must have been very sad to say goodbye to all of your friends there. I'm sure they will never forget you, Fig!  

  4. Charlemagne and Tamar said...

    You've been a very good friend to the people you visit in the nursing home, Figaro. We're sure that they are going to miss you and hope that some time you can come back for a visit. Maybe you can send them pictures of you, so they won't miss you so much?

    Charlemagne and Tamar  


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