I am so cute I can barely stand it.

Hi Kitties,

Here is a photo of me in my cat car seat taking a ride. Safety in cars is very very important, which is why I want to set a good example for all other kitties.

I do not have very many therapy activities for the next few weeks, but my mommie has been very busy with her earth therapy activities. She is going to be on the 6am morning TV again this week to talk about all of our progress in greening the community!

It has been warm out so we have been taking a lot of time out of doors.

PS - can you see my toe tufts in this photo? I am so cute I can barely stand it!



  1. Cheysuli and gemini said...

    You are lucky to have such a nice and safe seat. I am forced into my carrier, which I don't like.  

  2. Angel and Kirby said...

    That is a very nice cat car seat!  

  3. Daisy said...

    Your toe tufts are adorable! I am glad that you are making safety a priority!  

  4. Scout 'n Freyja said...

    Yup, you're totally right, you are so cute that we can hardly stand it! Like those toes tufts!  

  5. CuddlyKitty said...

    very nice car seat you have. I can't believe how much you look like my cat
    bobby almost similar markings.  

  6. CuddlyKitty said...

    I thought i would also share my favorite video. I found this one you tube. I hope you dont mind the puppies too.




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