My Nursing Home Visit

Hi Kitties,

This morning was another successful nursing home visit. I am all tuckered out now that as soon as I finish blogging I am going to go take a nappy. I saw my friend R.A. again, and my friend E. There was also another new lady there named G. She was very nice but she could not see so everyone tried to describe all my colors to her. E. was so excited to see me that she clapped and laughed out loud (she lol'ed). I also got to see the birds for a little bit who live in the nursing home. I tried to hunt them and then we had to leave.
My sister Veronica had a very fun birthday party yesterday. She got to eat a lot of tuna and got some of our favorite visitors. She says, "meow, thanks for all the birthday wishes"!


  1. Daisy said...

    Hahaha! Figaro, were the bird hunting and the having to leave related, or just a coincidence?

    I'm glad Veronica had a happy birthday.  

  2. Angel said...

    Fig, I know the ladies at the nursing home enjoy your visits. I am sure it was hard to resist hunting those birds.  

  3. us4 said...

    you are such a good kitty Fig. we love ya.  


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