Nursing Home

Hi Kitties,

This morning I was at the Nursing Home. I met a lot of very nice people again. This time I talked a lot to my new friend M. She is very nice and has lived in my town her whole life, even during the World of War II. I like to hear interesting stories from my friends that I meet on my visits. After my visit everyone went to the cafetaria for Lunch. I wanted to go too because I could smell something good! Do you like this photo? My mommie says it is the number 1 best photo of me for 2009.
Stay tuned as tomorrow I will be doing a LIVE INTERVIEW with the TV station.


  1. Kiddo said...

    I bet they enjoyed your visit at the nursing home. You are such a cool dude.


  2. Daisy said...

    Figaro, that's an awesome photo! I cannot wait for tomorrow!  


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